Care Instructions

Comforter & Pillow Care

The best maintenance for a down comforter / Pillow is to put it out in the sun on a dry day. For stains, you could spot clean anytime or dry clean your down comforter once in 2 years. Dry cleaning uses chemicals which affect the natural oil of down clusters thereby reducing the life of the comforter.

Alternatively, you can machine wash your down comforter / Pillow. We recommend using cold water with a gentle washing cycle and a mild detergent. Please be gentle while removing the washed comforter from the washing machine because the comforter will become heavy after washing and hauling it out of the machine could damage the baffle system. After removing from machine, line dry the comforter to restore the fluffiness of the down.


Bed Sheet Care

Egyptian cotton bed sheets get softer with every wash. Always wash your sheets with a Mild detergent and with lukewarm or cold water. Line Dry or Tumble dry on a slow cycle so that the bed sheet gets softer and lasts forever!