Here's how we make Luxury Affordable...


The Idea

The Aplus Linen idea was conceived by two friends while traveling abroad for work. While traveling, they often stayed at 5-star luxury hotels across the globe. Impressed by the quality of the bedding at these hotels, they tried to buy the same quality bedding back at home in India. The products sold in India's Malls and Designer stores were not only of inferior quality but were also ridiculously over-priced. Also, there was very little information available about the basics such as the type of cotton used, the thread count or the weave type. Disappointed by the experience, they decided to create a Luxury bedding collection. At the outset, they set two clear goals:

1. Make Luxury affordable: Sell Luxury Quality at an affordable price point.

2. Transparency: Provide all the information required to make an informed buying decision.

We've built our business around our core objectives.

The Model

At Apluslinen, we sell Luxury quality bedding at discounted prices. If you are wondering how we do this - take a look at the diagram below which explains how the Aplus model works. Simply put - the Aplus brand eliminates middlemen and uses cutting edge technology to controls costs that have no bearing on quality. These cost savings are then passed to you - the consumer. When you buy Aplus products you are paying for the actual product instead of paying middlemen or paying marketing costs - which have no bearing on the quality of the product. So, go ahead and improve the quality of one-third of your life!


The Model


Aplus Business Model - Luxury Made Afforable