About Aplus Sheets


5 steps for making the best sheets ever

    Aplus sheets are simply the best bed sheets your money can buy. Aplus sheets are of the same quality  you will find in 5 star Hotels around the world. We use only the best materials and machinery to manufacture Aplus sheets. Here's why Aplus sheets are the best your money can buy...

    1) The Best Long Staple Egyptian Cotton

     1a) 100% Long Staple Egyptian Cotton

    Aplus linen sheets are made from long staple egyptian cottonEgyptian Cotton is the gold standard for Luxury linens across the world. Aplus sheets are made from 100% Long staple Egyptian cotton. When cotton is spun into a thread, the length of an individual thread depends on the length of the cotton fiber. By using Long Staple Egyptian cotton, we ensure that the threads used to make Aplus sheets are the longest possible (between 1.25 and 1.5 inches). Longer threads lead to fewer joints and fewer joints leads to a softer, stronger and longer lasting bed sheet.


    1b) Single Ply Yarn

    single-ply vs multi-ply yarnThe threads (from Step 1a) are then spun into a yarn. Aplus sheets are made from "Single-ply yarn" which can only be spun from long staple Egyptian cotton. While Single-ply yarns are spun from a single thread, Multi-ply yarns are spun from 2 or 3 threads of short staple cotton to achieve the same strength as Single ply yarn made from long staple Egyptian cotton. Single ply yarns have fewer exposed joints leading to a softer and silkier feel as compared to Multi Ply yarns. Single-Ply yarns are also stronger and longer lasting than Multi-Ply Yarns.




    2) Optimal Thread Count

    Aplus sheets have 300 thread count Thread count is defined as the number of threads woven into a square inch of fabric. Aplus sheets are made from Single Ply yarn and have 150 vertical + 150 horizontal threads = 300 Thread Count.  We have researched and used 300 thread count because at 300 Thread count, you get the maximum softness, crispness and breathability. Our breathable sheets, allow air to pass between the threads which is a must for a sound sleep in the summer months.

    A high thread count does not necessarily mean a superior product. In fact, high thread count is often misleading because most products with high thread count use an inferior Multi Ply yarn.

    For example:  A 600 Thread count sheet  made from an inferior Multi Ply yarn is actually a 200 Thread count sheet. Here's how...

     The 600 Thread count is calculated using the following fraudulent formula:

    (Vertical Thread + Horizontal Threads) * Multi Ply yarn = Thread count

    (100 vertical + 100 horizontal) * 3 Ply yarn = 600 Thread count.                            

    Thus, a 200 thread count sheet made from rough and coarse Multi Ply yarn is marketed as a 600 thread count sheet. So, please don't pay an arm and leg for an inferior product having a higher thread count.

    3) Long Lasting Percale Weave

    Aplus Linen Percale WeaveWeaving is the process where vertical and horizontal threads interlock to create a sheet. After considerings the pro's and con's of various weaves we choose the Percale Weave for Aplus sheets. Percale weave is one yarn over and one yarn under weave . Percale weave leads to a matte finish with crisp and smooth feel. The superior breathability (allows air to pass) of Percale ensures that you sleep 'cool' on warm nights. Percale is also the strongest of all available weaves. Aplus Percale Sheets made from long staple Egyptian cotton get softer with every wash, don't pill and last forever!

    4) State of art Manufacturing using German and Italian machines


    4a) HD printing

    HD printing Reggiani machine - Aplus LinenReggiani machines are made in Italy and are the best printing machines in the Textile industry. Reggiani machines can print up to 15 colors over 155 dots (akin to pixels) in one square inch. Aplus sheets have fine prints with details that can only be delivered by HD printing.

    4b) Temperature Controlled Dyeing

    Temperature controlled dyeing Krusters - Aplus LinenAplus sheets are dyed in a temperature controlled room using the best German technology.  The stringent process ensures that Aplus sheets have strongly bonded colors that do not bleed.

    4c) Finishing

    Aplus Linen Osthoff singe finishingThe last step is finishing where Aplus sheets are made ready for use by singeing (burning) off the bits of yarn that stick out. The end result is a soft, silky and breathable sheet. Aplus sheets are made using State of Art Osthoff singe machines which are made in Germany and are considered the finest in the industry. The settings on this machines are customized to ensure that Aplus sheets have a unique look and feel.




















    5) 3-Stage Quality Control (QC)

    5a) Automated Thread Straightening

    Automatic weft straightener Pleva - Aplus LinenThe first step of QC is to pass the Aplus sheet through the German made Pleva straightening machine. The threads that sometimes become distorted during manufacturing are detected using the traversing cameras. Next, the machine straightens the threads. This important step ensures that Aplus sheets have a consistent look and feel coupled with maximum breathability.

    5b) Automated  Color Inspection

    Automated Color inspection of FabricThe second stage of QC employs state of art defense technology developed by Elbit Systems of Israel. Aplus sheets are passed through a machine that uses the latest in imaging technology to detect any uneven distribution of color. Even a  minor defect in color distribution is flagged and removed from the production lot. The end result is a beautiful Aplus sheet with refreshing colors that add a zing to your bedroom decor!

    5c) Final Manual Check

    Manual QC of Aplus Bed sheets made from Egyptian cottonWhile we use the latest technology to make Aplus sheets, we firmly believe in human ingenuity. Industry veterans with over 10 years of experience inspect every inch to deliver the best product your money can buy.