About Aplus Pillows

A great pillow is essential for sound sleep and for keeping neck pain away. Aplus pillows are made from a combination of Canadian White Down and Feathers. By changing the composition, we alter the firmness to meet your preference. Our pillows are unlike anything you have used so far. Here's why...

1) Filled with Canadian Down and Feathers

Apluslinen Canadian white downDown is the soft fluffy cluster that lies below the feathers of a Canadian Duck. Down does not have a rib or backbone like a feather. Down makes the pillow soft and plush.

Feather is more rigid than a down.  Feathers have also evolved to capture warmth but are less effective than down. Feathers have a rib or backbone which increases the springiness  of the pillow


2) Optimal Combination of Down and Feathers

Apluslinen Down pillosEveryone has their own preference of softness and springiness. By varying the combination of Down and Feathers we have created customized pillows that will fulfill your requirement.

The Plush pillow (filled with 100% Down) lets you sink in the most.

The Mid-Plush pillow (filled with 50% Down and 50% Feather) also let you sink in but is firmer than the soft pillow.

The Soft pillow (100% Feather) is springy yet softer than an average cotton pillow. 

So, choose the pillow that suits you and abolish neck pain forever.


3) Egyptian Cotton Casing

 Aplus Pillows are encased in shells that have 300 thread count and are made from 100% Long staple Egyptian cotton. The shells are made from down proof twill weave which ensures that the down and feathers never come out.





4) Eco-Friendly Source in Canada

Canadian Origin down and feathersAt Aplus, we strictly source our Down and Feathers from eco-friendly Canadian farms that do not engage in live plucking or force feeding.  Our farms adhere to particularly stringent Canadian laws regarding Animal welfare.












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