About Aplus Comforters

Aplus Comforters are filled with 100% Canadian white down and are encased in an extremely soft 400 thread count shell made from 100% long staple Egyptian cotton. The shell has a down proof Sateen Weave which is heavier and tighter weave than Percale, making it warmer and buttery soft. We are sure that Aplus comforters are the best your money can buy. Here's why...

1) Filled with 100% Canadian Down

Apluslinen - Canadian Down Pillows and comfortersDown is the soft fluffy cluster that lies underneath the feathers of a Canadian Duck. Down does not have a rib or backbone like a feather. Down  is extremely light and has evolved over centuries to capture warmth. Using Canadian white Down makes our comforters warm, light weight and cozy.




2) Fill Power

Fill power - Apuslinen comforterFill Power is the amount of down that is filled in the comforter. The higher the Fill power, the warmer the comforter. Fill power typically start from 300 and can go up to 700. Aplus comforters are filled have a fill power of 600 which is at the premium end of the scale. We have researched and chosen 600 fill power that provides the optimum  amount of warmth, softness and fluffiness for Indian weather conditions.


3) Baffle Box Construction

Apluslinen Baffle box constructionAplus comforters have a Baffle Box construction. Baffle Box construction has internal walls of fabric that connect the top to the bottom. This is an expensive construction method that keeps the comforter's fluffiness at it's best and keeps the fill evenly distributed forever.

             4)  Eco-friendly source




Apluslinen Canadian Down farmsAt Aplus, we source our Down from eco-friendly Canadian farms located in Northwest Canada. Canada has stringent laws for ethical treatment of Animals. Our partner farms do not engage in live plucking or force feeding and are subject to regular inspections by Canadian Inspection agencies. 

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