Natural Down Explained

What is Down?

Down comforters for sale

Down is the inner most clusters of natural fibers that lie beneath the feathers of a duck. Down does not have central rib. It is a three dimensional structure that has millions of intertwined filaments that trap air. The trapped air provides the warmth and fluffiness that is unmatched by any synthetic fiber. Nature has taken centuries to evolve a natural fiber that is lightweight yet insulating and soft.


Why is down superior than synthetic fibers?

  • An ounce of down weighs half as much as an ounce of synthetic fiber but has three times more warmth than an ounce of synthetic fiber.
  • Synthetics tend to coagulate and form clumps while Down retains its natural fluffiness. It expands by trapping air and takes the shapes of the user’s body.
  • Synthetics have a fixed shelf life of 1 or 2 years whereas with proper care down products will last for decades.
  • Over the lifetime of a down product, it provides not only better value but also superior comfort.


What’s special about Canadian Down?

Apluslinen Downmark association

The down used in Aplus pillows and Comforters are sourced from mature Canadian ducks that grow up in cold weather of north-west Canada. The cold weather combined with the genetics of mature Canadian ducks yields the best quality down. Maturity is an important parameter that affects the quality of the down. Mature down clusters are larger and trap more air which in turn makes the comforter fluffy and warm.

Further, Canadian farms adhere to strict laws that do not allow inhumane practices such as live plucking. Our source farms and manufacturing partners are members of Downmark Association  and are subject to inspection by Canadian environmental agencies.

Aplus Comforters are made from the best quality Canadian down that is sourced ethically.




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