What’s the best pillow for me?

A simple yet incredibly difficult question, we spend 1/3rd of our lives in bed so we better get this one right. Waking up without neck pain is a must for a happy and productive day. We will share our research to help you pick the right pillow.

To begin,lets answer the following question:

Do you sleep on your side, back or on your stomach?

Best Pillow for me

Side Sleeper

Your neck will be happiest when it is in a straight line with your spinal cord. Your pillow needs to bridge the gap between the mattress and your head. For side sleepers, we recommend the Mid-Plush pillow to keep your neck in a straight line with the spinal cord. Off course, the gap between mattress and your head will depend on the broadness of your shoulders. If you are built like hulk Hogan you might need 2 pillows or if you are like Alia Bhatt then a single pillow might be enough.

Stomach or front sleeper

For front sleepers your head needs to slight raised and very gently supported so we recommend the Plush (soft) pillow.

Back Sleeper

The back sleeper will be happiest when his/her neck is slightly raised above the spine. We recommend the plush (soft) pillow for back sleepers with normal sized shoulders. For those with broad shoulders, we recommend the mid-plush pillow.

At Apluslinen, our pillow shells are made from a special Dust proof  (Anti-Allergy) cotton fabric which keeps allergies and unwanted odors away.

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