What is Egyptian Cotton?

We’ve got a lot of questions about Egyptian cotton and its benefits. We’ll answer these questions in today’s article:

What is Egyptian cotton?

Egyptian cotton comes from a small bushy cotton plant whose scientific name is “Gossypium barbadense”. This plant thrives in hot and humid conditions that are prevalent in delta areas of Nile river in Egypt. The Gossypium barbadense  plant has been used in Egypt to draw soft and luxurious cotton since the medieval ages and hence the name “Egyptian Cotton”.

What’s special about Egyptian cotton?

Egyptian cotton produces long fibers. These long fibers are then joined together to create a  thread that has fewer joints than other cotton species  that produce shorter fibers. Few joints mean stronger, smoother and longer lasting fabric. Shorter fibers (derived from other cotton species) have many joints and lead to weaker fabric that is often strengthened by excessive use of chemicals. Egyptian cotton bedding is not only softer but also long lasting than bedding made from other types of cotton. Apluslinen’s Egyptian cotton sheets are made from long staple Egyptian cotton and are Oeko-Tex certified to free from harmful chemicals.

What are the benefits of buying Egyptian cotton?

Without belaboring too much, we’ll list out the benefits in simple bullet points:

  • Egyptian cotton sheets are the softest. A few extra bucks for superior sleep quality is the best investment you can make.
  • Egyptian cotton sheets get softer with every wash
  • They last longer as they do not pill and fade like other sheets
  • Apluslinen’s Egyptian cotton sheets are certified free from harmful chemicals (Oeko-Tex certified)



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