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As per research published by US National Institute of Health, Humans spend about one-third (33%) of their lives in Bed either sleeping or attempting to sleep. We can live much better quality lives if we improve the experience of sleeping.

Our bed comprises of bed sheet, pillow, comforter and mattress. The obvious answer to improve our sleep experience is going out and buying the best available bedding. Unfortunately, the answer is never that simple.

Luxury bedding in India is so over-priced that most of us will lose the desire to invest in Luxury bedding although it would be a great investment. After all, what can be worth more than sound comfortable sleep?

At Apluslinen, we’ve solved this problem by selling luxury quality bedding, the kind of bedding you will find in 5-star hotels. Further, we sell our bedding at affordable prices that will not cost you an arm and a leg. If you are wondering, how we manage to sell luxury quality at affordable prices then see the diagram below:

After researching the market for months, we found that if a luxury product costs “X” to manufacture then the consumer pays “5-6X” when he/she buys the product. For example, a Luxury bed sheet that costs INR 1000 to manufacture will typically retail for around 5,000 atleast. This is not particularly surprising considering the number of middlemen involved between the consumer and the product. The middlemen add absolutely no value to quality of the product but obviously extract their pound of flesh.

Expanding our Luxury Bed Sheet example further, here’s what the numbers look like:




Impact on Quality


Luxury Manufacturer

Manufactures the bed sheet




Buy in Bulk and suppliers downstream players



Licensing and Branding Fees

Popular designers or foreign brands that put their label on the product




Supplies the products to Retailers



Retail Outlets in Malls

Charges Slotting fees and their profit margin for selling products





 Cost to Consumer



The result is that you - the consumer end up paying for everything other than the actual product!

We, Apluslinen, have partnered with the best manufacturers of Luxury bedding in the world. We sell directly to you by bypassing all the middlemen. The largest percentage of our price is the actual cost of manufacturing the product. Our direct-to-consumer model delivers Luxury quality at half of the price in malls and designer stores.

As Charles Eames liked to say about his designs, "The best, for the most, for the least" and we think that's right. We are passionate about Apluslinen, a brand that we are proud of and that you will be proud to use.

We are offering free shipping till June 15th. Try our Made in Israel Egyptian cotton sheets or Canadian Down Pillows and Comforters. If you do not like our product for any reason, we offer a full refund under our 15-day, hassle free return policy.



  • Apluslinen

    Hi Suhas,
    The numbers used in the breakdown are indicative. We do stand by our finding that luxury stores charge 7-8 times the actual cost of manufacturing. Thanks.

  • suhas mallya

    Malls are ripping people off, world over malls and super stores are closing because of they are too expensive. How accurate is the break down?

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